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DotNetNuke World 2011 - #Winning

By Ralph Williams, Jr. on 11/28/2011

dnnworldThis year marked the first year that I was able to attend the annual, official DotNetNuke Conference. And what a conference it was! This was the first year that DotNetNuke decided to host the event apart from the Microsoft DevConnections and they did a fantastic job!

There were several high points around the conference. The sessions were great and I was able to gather some important information in many different aspects of DNN including some insights to the way DotNetNuke is referring to the new UI elements. The keynote, by Shaun Walker, also included some great news about where DotNetNuke is going in the near future. I believe, however, my favorite session was the closing Question and Answer session. We learned some great new things coming down the line that will make all of our jobs much easier, including  a preview of the new DotNetNuke Store and the the intention to make DotNetNuke upgradeable from within the application itself, that will download the desired version and walk you through with a wizard style installation process.

Ralph-presenting-at-dnnworldIt was a privilege to have the opportunity to present as well! I had a great turnout in my session. I do have to admit, however, I probably could have used another hour for my session, as it’s difficult to cram all of the details of skinning into a 50 min session.

Although the sessions and keynotes were great, I would have to say, without a doubt, my favorite part was getting the chance to meet some of my Twitter friends face-to-face. I was able to hang out for the first time with @MarkXA (Mark Allen), @nokiko (Armand Datema), @OliverHine (Oliver Hine) and several others all in one place. Also, getting a chance to get to know some of the DotNetNuke Corp. staff was pretty cool too!

Ryan shooting arrowAnother great time was the DNN After Dark. The setting for the party was very cool and gave a great environment for hanging out and getting to know more people. The best part of the night was the Arrow wars! Arrows were flying all over the place for about 45 minutes! I’m sure the hotel staff wasn’t thrilled with it as they were going to have to figure out how to get the arrows out of the light fixtures in the ceiling… Glad it’s them and not me!

Definitely looking forward to next year and the Day of DotNetNukes and User Groups that come in between!