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Rewind: The Announcements Module and jQuery as an Accordion

By Ralph Williams, Jr. on 8/8/2012

rewind-accordionA while back I posted how to set up The Announcements Module and jQuery as an Accordion. I decided to revisit this and update it for DNN 6. This method makes use of the built in DotNetNuke 6 styles so that your site will be consistent throughout. I’ve also documented how to Turn DNN Announcements Module into a jQuery Slider.

Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke 2012

By Ralph Williams, Jr. on 6/8/2012

Last weekend I attended and presented at the Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke. This is my third Day of DotNetNuke that I was able to attend and present. Actually, the Tampa Day of DNN 2009 marks my first time presenting on DotNetNuke. These events have been great on balancing experienced, known experts as well as locals who are new to speaking at these community events.

I have been hearing a lot of praise for this year’s event being the best yet, and I must completely agree with that! The level of effort and quality that went into this event was amazing. It seems like each event builds on the last and only keeps getting better. This year the Queen’s City DotNetNuke User Group was in charge of organizing the event and I give them a lot of props!

DotNetNuke World 2011 - #Winning

By Ralph Williams, Jr. on 11/28/2011

dnnworldThis year marked the first year that I was able to attend the annual, official DotNetNuke Conference. And what a conference it was! This was the first year that DotNetNuke decided to host the event apart from the Microsoft DevConnections and they did a fantastic job!

There were several high points around the conference. The sessions were great and I was able to gather some important information in many different aspects of DNN including some insights to the way DotNetNuke is referring to the new UI elements. The keynote, by Shaun Walker, also included some great news about where DotNetNuke is going in the near future. I believe, however, my favorite session was the closing Question and Answer session. We learned some great new things coming down the line that will make all of our jobs much easier, including  a preview of the new DotNetNuke Store and the the intention to make DotNetNuke upgradeable from within the application itself, that will download the desired version and walk you through with a wizard style installation process.

Skinning Containers in DNN6

By Ralph Williams, Jr. on 10/6/2011

This blog entry is cross-posted from my work site: www.ArrowNuke.com

BruceMosherWith the latest major update to DotNetNuke, there have been some questions as to what has changed in skinning for DotNetNuke 6.0. One big change has been the introduction to the new Manage button automatically into the containers. Some love it, some hate it, and others seem to still be undecided.

Designing for DotNetNuke

By Ralph Williams, Jr. on 7/22/2011

I got the inspiration for this blog about 8 months ago from a Smashing Magazine article entitled, “Designing for Content Management Systems”. So, why write another blog but, specifically for DotNetNuke? Well, they did a great job on their post but, they were generic to just CMS’s in general, and we all know that DNN has some challenges of it’s own.

The main challenge that I have found to be when designing for DNN, is planning for unknown content. You just never know what’s going to happen once you hand the keys over to the client. So, a lot of my designing is actually trying to plan ahead for the many different amounts/content of what could be added to the site. This includes not just content panes, but also menu items. For some reason, once a client gets access to adding their own content, one of the first things they do is create new main menu items. Now, some of my designs have been very specific and the site structure has been discussed w/ the client and they actually understand that they need to leave the main menu items as is, but that’s not always the case.